Newest MSD Steampunk Outfit

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Two New Designs

Just completed two commissions, one for an SD and one for a Kay Wiggs MSD

Purple Opulence Purple Opulance2Ice Fairy1 DSCN9223 DSCN9232

Living the Creative Life

People say I live a creative life. I would have to agree since I spend most of every day creating something… painting, making jewellery, sewing doll clothes, writing articles like this one, inventing characters that will become art dolls, creating graphic design for Stacy Studios’ self promotion, making display sets for photographing articles to post for sale on the internet, etc. etc. etc…
I am obsessed with making fine art dolls and doll clothes. Dolls are magical! Dolls are filled with fantasy!  It”s as if a moment in time is captured, making you wonder if they wake up at night and dance, tell stories, do their chores, dream their dreams and fight their causes!
Imagine the scene as they interact in the silence of the night, when the moon is full and the world is asleep!
My art dolls are completely hand made with every detail painstakingly and lovingly created by me! There are no purchased heads, hands, shoes, clothing or accessories, just the raw materials; silks, beads and polymer clay! I believe one should make their own props, it’s all about the authenticity of the art.
Marcia Stacy with “Sandie Abalonie” available here